About us


We are Eric and Aslı, a married model couple from Heidelberg, Germany. We had our first modeling experience as a couple during a photoshoot in Arizona. Since then, our adventures have taken us to several countries and cultures. Eventually, our wanderlust led us to having our civil wedding in Stockholm. Before we started modeling together as a couple, Aslı 

 was a solo model. In 2020 we finally decided to model together and ever since then we haven't looked back! We are overwhelmed by the amount of kind souls who want to work with us and get creative. We are experienced in editorials, couple shootings, video shootings as well as styled wedding shootings with national and international artists. 
We love raw emotions, good coofee by the sea and sunsets. Do you want to work with us? Let's get creative together!



Height: 160 cm
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Gold-brown
Chest: 75 cm
Waist: 65 cm
Hips: 79 cm
Shoe size: 37
Ring size: 47 


Height: 185 cm
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Chest: 100 cm
Waist: 89 cm
Hips: 91 cm
Shoe size: 43
Ring size: 60 

"Obsession is essential to creativity."

Travel Dates 2024

You can book us before/after the following dates at these locations:
May 10th: Budapest, Hungary

Let's get creative together!

We may be from Germany, but the world is our home. Please mention the place, the (approximate) duration and the (approximate) date of your project. Eventual traveling costs must be covered.


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